Austin Animal Center Internship

From June to August of 2018, I completed a graphic design internship at Austin’s municipal shelter, Austin Animal Center. This position was created after reaching out and asking if the shelter would be interested in hosting the internship in exchange for 150 hours of free design work. Here, I worked on various internal assets, graphics for social media postings, templates, and a more clear brand identity.

logo iterations.png


One of my ongoing assignments was touching up the logo. AAC didn’t want a complete rehaul of their visual identity, so I worked to simplify the color scheme to something brighter and web-friendly and utilizing a clean font that I felt would work well for them. With a more restricted palette, it will be easier for staff to create graphic material in sync with their visual identity, especially since there are no designers on staff and design work is done through the city’s resources.

I also played with the form of the logo and the arrangement of the animals. I wanted to keep the arch since I thought it mirrored the shape of the entrance building quite nicely. The changes I made to the form were to make it more square rather than vertical, especially since the logo is often shown at small sizes on web stamps.

One of my final considerations was for it to look good on different colored backgrounds, a problem the previous logo faced. I also made a solid white version of the logo for future merchandise opportunities such as car decals or embroidery.


Employee assistance program posters

Another assignment of mine was to create a series of 12 posters for the 12 different internal seminars the AAC would be having over the course of a year.

I decided to make the main title slightly askew to grab attention as well as adding a small graphic to the side that relates to the topic of the seminar, like a clock next to time management or sweat drops next to fatigue.


Lobby slideshow

The main lobby of the shelter features a screen that plays a slideshow for visitors that answers FAQ, helps visitors navigate the large shelter, and provides some helpful facts about animal care.

This slideshow is a redesign of the previous slideshow that was displayed on the screen, feature the same information but with much cleaner composition.


Social media graphics

On a couple occasions I had created graphics for social media postings on the shelter’s Instagram and Facebook pages. These were my first couple assignments and were completed before I had been able to address the visual identity system. The summer camp ad was designed for use in an ad space in the Austin Chronicle newspaper.