Maid with the blade

A webcomic cowritten by Stephanie Martin and myself exploring a fantasy world. Free to read on Line Webtoon with 4 released chapters.


the team

Vanessa M.

Digital art, graphic design, publication, social media promotion, character design

Stephanie M.

Story writing, lore, character ideation

Sara H.

Assisting concept ideation, concept art

Valerie L.

Assisting concept ideation


project synopsis

June Goldflower is a high school dropout fairy who only cares about one thing: herself. However, when an old classmate recruits her for a rebel group against the Willow Empire, she must overcome her hubris let friendship into her heart. It’s here in this rebel group that she begins to open her eyes not only to friendship but also to the harsh truths of this seemingly bright fairy-ruled world. When the going gets tough, does friendship pull through?


graphic design


early character art

released panels


timeline thus far

1/7/19 - Prologue released

1/14/19 - Chapter 1 released

2/6/19 - Chapter 2 released

2/24/19 - MWTB featured in Rising Star section

2/27/19 - Chapter 3 released