I’m Vanessa, a UT Austin Design major and Business minor from Harker Heights, Texas. My area of focus lies in visual design, encompassing graphic and UX design, but I also work with digital illustration. Above all, I’m primarily interested in design at the intersection of art and business.

My design process utilizes research and design methodologies with strong attention to detail. I like to fully understand what I’m working with and who I’m designing for by immersing myself in my client’s vision and narrative, which helps me take smart risks. I’m nothing short of ideas and I make a point to communicate them, whether it’s between a supervisor and I or through a team.

When I’m not designing, I may be found crocheting, playing banjo, or creating digital illustrations. These activities help me refresh my mind and sometimes even help me find inspiration for my special interest areas of design, like advertisement and branding.

Take your time exploring my portfolio of works, and if you’re interested in reaching out, feel free to shoot me an email! I’m open to new experiences and challenges and would love to learn about a design project you need done. Good design can breathe new life into work, and I’d love to create something for you that does just that.

Let’s grab a coffee sometime!